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Success isn't about being "smart", it's about MINDSET.

— Says us, a tutoring company that also helps students get good grades. 


At TutorChat, we don't just care about grades.

We're all about (research-backed) freedom.
Parents deserve FREEDOM from
financial and emotional burdens

We know that frequent, individual, personalized tutoring gives kids a serious leg up.  But that’s a luxury few can afford.   That’s why many parents feel forced to provide academic help to their kids themselves.  At the same time, they know that success isn’t all about grades and they yearn for more.   That’s what makes mindset coaching AND live, individual tutoring SO cheap (less than $9/hr)

Students tell themselves stories like, “I’m just not a math person” or “I’m not a reader”.  They see learning as pointless & a pain that must be endured.  That’s why we focus on bringing JOY to learning and give students the tools to free themselves of their own limiting beliefs (while also helping them raise their grades). 

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Students deserve FREEDOM
from limiting beliefs
High-achieving high schoolers deserve the FREEDOM to earn community service hours that give THEM a leg up

We don't just give them the means to earn their hours; our tutors get to make a real impact on the world and stop feeling that they have to wait until they "grow up" to develop the skills they need to be successful.

Our K-12 Students Get Affordable Math & Language Arts Tutoring and Mindset Coaching
that works!
With the same dedicated tutor over the long term
3x / week for 40 min each session
We Priorotize MINDSET

Our teen tutors won't just help your child hit their academic goals (they themselves ARE high achievers), but they're also trained to instill grit and growth mindset in their students. Beyond providing stellar math and ELA tutoring, we'll help your child build the life skills they need to succeed.

Community Service Hours for High School Students

Join us and receive high quality training on how to mentor and coach students (skills that major companies say they look for in candidates). You'll get matched with students, receive community service hours for your time and TutorChat will write you a recommendation letter if you've tutored for at least one year.

What We Do
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