Dear Parents...

Math should be the least of your worries.

We've made our paid plan super affordable to give you the best value for your hard-earned money. Go do what you have to and leave your kiddo's math concerns to our dedicated tutors!

Trial Session


Feel free to test us out.

Get a 1-hour session at no cost to you!

Choose a date on our calendar so we can set up a call and match a tutor for your child.

Why Parents Trust TutorChat

We are so impressed with the growth and knowledge our son has developed with TutorChat. Our Tutor is very encouraging and patient with him. I highly recommend using TutorChat, it has certainly made our lives much easier and worth every cent. Plus our son is so happy and pleased with his work.

Brette S.

I have been thrilled with TutorChat. My daughter uses 2 different tutors for 2 subjects and meets with each weekly. My daughter coordinates schedules directly with the tutor and they are very responsive. They have been flexible based on test schedules, always ask for any material in advance to prepare for session, knowledgeable about subject matter, always make themselves available for a quick question during the week. We couldn’t be more happy!

Trina O.

Allow us to take one thing off your plate.

You could be doing something else, but instead, you're stuck with your child's math homework, and possibly on a weekend.

Our tutors will make sure that your child doesn't just meet their academic goals but also develop the mindset to take on challenges by themselves with confidence.


Your child is in good hands!

Our tutors are highly trained to teach and are high achievers (and good role models!) themselves. Plus...

"Students feel more comfortable receiving instruction from fellow students than adults. And this transfers to higher achievement."

-Learning and Teaching Resource Centre



How does the free trial work?

Email to get started with your free trial.  Book a call with us!  We will ask you a few questions about your child & their interests, match you with a tutor and then do an intro session between your child and tutor.  And then you’ll get two working sessions (usually 40 min long)!

Am I obliged to subscribe to your monthly plan after my free trial?

No. You are free to subscribe only if you want to!

How do I pay for your tutoring services?

Once you subscribe to our monthly plan, your Paypal or credit card will automatically be charged $49 each month until you cancel your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. You can cancel your subscription anytime by going to Paypal and removing us from pre-approved payments on your Paypal account.

What does "unlimited tutoring" mean?

This means you can book your child's tutor any number of times for the month that you've paid.


This is perfect if your child struggles with math and could use regular tutoring (It's an option that gets quickly expensive with other tutoring companies!)

What if my child's assigned tutor isn't available when we need her?

When that happens, we'd be happy to connect you with one of our other tutors in the meantime. ALL our tutors are qualified (and trained) to teach math!