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Why Peer to Peer

Learning from an adult can oftentimes be challenging for kids because it’s difficult for them to connect on a personal level due to the large age gap. By pairing your child with someone who is close to their age to tutor them, they are more likely to have shared experiences that can help boost the productivity and comprehension of each session. Subsequently, having this peer-to-peer connection allows for the facilitation of conversations; this form of tutoring constructs a more comfortable environment for your child to confidently ask questions in, as well as gain a better understanding of the content through their time spent one-on-one with a close peer. TutorChat embodies this enhanced method of learning, providing your child with the opportunity to improve in the areas of math they find challenging by being paired with a peer who has mastered the material whom they can relate to on a personal level. Our tutors have acquired the necessary knowledge and insight to help your child thrive in the areas of math they wish to improve upon, while making it a fun and relative experience pivoted toward your child’s specific needs and general interests.

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