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Interested in making a difference through tutoring?

Start a TutorChat Club at your high school!


A TutorChat club is an organization that offers BOTH training and opportunity for high school students to tutor and mentor their peers while earning community service hours.

The club will be running applications for volunteer tutors and those who get accepted as tutors/members will gain access to professional training and ongoing support in: 

  • Mentoring younger students

  • Helping their students develop strong life skills

  • Tutoring their students to get better grades


What Else Do Club Members Get?

Aside from getting professional training, those who qualify as tutors (now considered official members) will be personally matched to students so they can start tutoring online!

They'll also be invited to join peer accountability groups where they can uplevel their skillset and hone their leadership skills in a practical setting.


TutorChat's Mission

To EMPOWER high school students to transform K-12 education.

TutorChat gets involved by training and matching teen tutors with students who struggle academically.


Not only will tutors help their students raise their grades, but they'll also help them build solid confidence and real-life skills.

Our goal is to reach 1 million struggling students in the next 3 years and give them access to tutoring and coaching that has formerly been only available to high-income families.


Why Start a High School Chapter?

Our TutorChat clubs program allows ambitious, impact-driven leaders to: 

  1. Gain a meaningful experience that earns them community service hours AND sets them apart on their college applications.

  2. Make a real difference in their community by making mentoring + tutoring available to families who otherwise could not afford it

  3. Help their peers learn then apply real-world skills

  4. Connect with a nation-wide group of highschool students who are transforming education 


Who Can Start a Club?


Anyone who is a current high school student with a 3.5+ grade point average​

Students who feel strongly that there is a better way to do school and want to be a part of the solution


Your Responsibilities as a Club Leader: 

  • Facilitate all club & executive committee meetings

  • Present the tutoring opportunity to students at your school & interview potential members 

  • Maintain regular contact with and provide feedback to the national TutorChat org

  • Reach out to elementary and middle schools in the area to get the word out about mentoring/tutoring services

Ready to Start a Tutor Club at Your School?

Here are the steps:


Get a faculty advisor to sponsor your club

Here’s a template you can use to reach out to potential advisors.

Form an executive board

Click here to see the different positions and their descriptions.


Check for other requirements

Read through any other club guidelines for your school.

Once you’ve got the above together...

Fill out our application form by clicking below 
OR book a time to speak with us so we can walk you through personally!

  • How does training for tutors and teachers work?
    We provide you with pre-recorded training courses to allow your teachers and tutors to learn at their own pace. This format also lets you to train new tutors in the future without needing to schedule live training sessions and without our help (though we do provide support if they need any help).
  • How do parents/families and tutors coordinate?
    This package includes an entire workflow done for you, with as many steps automated as possible (like sending meeting reminders). This system will be integrated into your site so that everything happens in one place
  • How do we get started?
    We'll first hop on a call to talk about your goals, your scope, and your budget constraints. After that, we'll send you a proposal detailing all the features that you require along with the quote and timeline.
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