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Want to build a "lab" of transformational opportunities for students and teachers at your school?




TutorChat in a Box is a turn-key training and operations system for schools that:

  1. Equips teachers to integrate coaching into their practice

  2. Allows high school students to practice leadership, collaboration, and coaching skills by tutoring other students


How Does This Work?




First, we build a system for your school that trains teachers and aspiring tutors (teens) to become skilled coaches.




Tutors get a REAL opportunity to apply their training by tutoring and coaching students at your school.




Your teachers run facilitation sessions with tutors to troubleshoot issues and encourage positive behavior.




Tutors graduate with future-proof skills and come back to your school to tutor students or to mentor new tutors.

Who Is It For?

We've engineered this solution for schools that support the idea of:

  • Future-proofing their students with real-world skills that go beyond good grades

  • Fostering a more hands-on environment where students learn by DOING

  • Creating REAL opportunities for students to make an impact in their community (even at a young age)

❛❛ How Will TutorChat in a Box Help My School? ❜❜

Starting a tutoring and coaching program in your school
à la TutorChat benefits the following constituents the most!

Teen Tutors

High school students develop future-proof skills and earn community service hours by tutoring younger students.


Teachers get the training to support tutors AND get to practice cultivating grit and growth mindset in their students

Struggling Students

Students not only get better grades but also develop confidence, grit and growth mindset skills along the way.


Parents now have access to affordable top-notch tutoring and will see their kids both learn AND grow their confidence.


What Is TutorChat?

We're a nonprofit organization that connects families with professionally trained young tutors. (These are high school students who excel in school!)

But our tutors do more than just teach.

They've also been trained to do mindset coaching to help their students grow into the next best versions of themselves.

This means their students won't just get better grades but will also build solid confidence and real-life skills!

We're on a mission to reach 1 million struggling students in the next 3 years and give them access to tutoring and coaching that only high-income families have been able to afford for years.


What Does Tutorchat in a Box Include?

Output and pricing will depend on your school's unique requirements, but here's a glimpse of the key features we offer:


​Tutor Training Package 

  • Training courses and assessments for tutors

  • Customization of your preferred platform (or LMS) for online training delivery

  • Access to ALL future mini online trainings


After-Project Support

  • Troubleshooting

  • Workflow documentation


A FULL tutor session management system

(integrated into your site)

  • Appointment scheduling for tutoring sessions

  • Automated meeting reminders sent to teachers, parents, tutors, and students

  • Attendance monitoring

  • Cancellation warnings for back-to-back no-shows

  • Feedback system for parents/students

  • Messaging feature for parents, tutors, and students

  • Student performance report for parents (sent at the end of every session)

  • Billing generation

Interested in bringing TutorChat in a Box to your school?


Let's talk! For us to send an accurate quote, we’ll need to know:

  • What the scope of the project is (you may not need us for all of the features above)

  • Your budget constraints

  • What success looks like to you and your team & your ideal timeline 


Please book a time so we can discuss this over a call by clicking below.

  • How does training for tutors and teachers work?
    We provide you with pre-recorded training courses to allow your teachers and tutors to learn at their own pace. This format also lets you to train new tutors in the future without needing to schedule live training sessions and without our help (though we do provide support if they need any help).
  • How do parents/families and tutors coordinate?
    This package includes an entire workflow done for you, with as many steps automated as possible (like sending meeting reminders). This system will be integrated into your site so that everything happens in one place
  • How do we get started?
    We'll first hop on a call to talk about your goals, your scope, and your budget constraints. After that, we'll send you a proposal detailing all the features that you require along with the quote and timeline.
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