A one-on-one (private) math tutoring program for kids in grade levels K to 12 that includes:

  • Math skills building

  • Homework help

  • Test preparation

  • Confidence building

  • Growth mindset development

*You'll get NO LESS THAN 4 sessions per month with ONE dedicated tutor!
** All sessions are done online

** Can be canceled anytime.


*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).

Who is it for?

Our program is a good fit for your child if he or she is a K-12 student who:

*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).

Struggles to grasp certain Math concepts

We believe in every child's innate ability to excel in math, but because every child is unique, we customize our learning plans to help them unlock those skills.

Doesn't respond well to traditional teaching

Do their eyes glaze over during math class? Maybe it's time to offload tutoring to a professionally trained math tutor who can also relate well with your child.

Aims for higher academic goals

If your child is shooting for above-average scores, our tutors (who are top achievers themselves) will personally help your kiddo take their skills to the next level!

Why Are Our Services So Affordable?


We know. Unlimited tutoring at $67/month sounds too good to be true!

But here's why we only charge that much:

  • Our tutors are high school students (Read: TOP ACHIEVERS) who earn community service hours for their time.

  • The small amount you pay sustains our nonprofit organization by helping us cover our monthly overhead costs
    (Yes, that's all we really ask for).

*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).


We want to give every student ACCESS to the same high-impact tutoring that only children from wealthier families have enjoyed for generations.


Our Tutor Qualifications

We don't just accept everyone who applies.

Each of our young tutors is a VETTED straight-A student in high school who underwent professional training to tutor math AND to cultivate a growth mindset in their students.

(We personally train them and use ONLY research-backed best practices!)

They are leaders in their community who make excellent role models for younger students. For your child.

Read below to see what parents say about our tutors.


Why Parents Trust Our Tutors


We are so impressed with the growth and knowledge our son has developed with TutorChat. Our Tutor is very encouraging and patient with him. I highly recommend using TutorChat, it has certainly made our lives much easier and worth every cent. Plus our son is so happy and pleased with his work.

Brette S.


I have been thrilled with TutorChat. My daughter uses 2 different tutors for 2 subjects and meets with each weekly. My daughter coordinates schedules directly with the tutor and they are very responsive. They have been flexible based on test schedules, always ask for any material in advance to prepare for session, knowledgeable about subject matter, always make themselves available for a quick question during the week. We couldn’t be more happy!

Trina O.

*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).

How Does This Work?



We'll ask you to submit this form so we can pair your child with one of our tutors based on their shared interests.

Mutual interests establish a more meaningful (and lasting) working relationship between the two.

👆This also means students won't be shuffled around to various tutors!

We'll notify you within ONE working day once we've found a tutor for your child.



Once we've found a match for your child, we'll schedule sessions between them that will run for an entire week.

During the first session, we'll introduce your child and their tutor to each other. They'll be doing a mini-lesson to test whether they're a good fit personality-wise. 



If you feel that our recommended tutor is a good fit for your child, you can choose to upgrade to our UNLIMITED Math Support plan (only $67/month) to get no less than 4 sessions with the same tutor each month.

You won't be locked in for any period of time! You're free to cancel your subscription anytime you like.

*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).



Four words — You're off the hook!
Your child gets as much math help as they need from us, whenever they need it!

(That means NO LESS THAN 4 sessions per month!)

Our tutor will create a PERSONALIZED learning plan to help your child build math skills, along with developing:


  • The confidence to do hard things

  • A positive attitude towards learning

  • Persistence in regards to what they're doing

*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).

How Is TutorChat Different From Other Tutoring Companies?

TOP-NOTCH tutoring aside, these are the things that truly set us apart:


*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).

We inspire the love of learning in our students

How amazing would it be to see your child initiating learning on their own?

By making our sessions engaging, kids gradually develop a genuine interest in learning and will start looking forward to every 'aha' opportunity.

We build solid tutor-student relationships

Students reach their optimal learning state when there's no (school-like) pressure and they're working with someone they actually like!

This is why we take time pairing students with tutors they can relate with based on shared interests.


We incorporate mindset coaching into our tutoring

Why? Because kids who believe they can learn anything CAN learn anything!

Rebuilding their confidence especially when they feel that they're falling behind is one of the areas we focus on that goes beyond surface-level math lessons.

I'd Like to Get Started!
What's My Next Step?

Tell us about your child's academic goals and interests so we can start pairing them with one of our tutors and get you set up for your trial sessions ASAP.

Message us on the TutorChat Facebook page or click below to send us your info.
(We respond within 24 hours)

*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).

Frequently asked questions

What grade levels do you tutor?

We tutor students in grade levels K to 12.

Can you help my child with other subjects too?

We're already working on incorporating more subjects like Language Arts, Reading and Science into our program! Follow us on Facebook (TutorChat) to get notified once we make this announcement.

What are your tutors' educational background?

Our tutors are all straight-A students in high school who have been vetted for their exceptional academic performance. We would be happy to present to you (upon your request) proof of their achievement before our first trial session starts .

Can I cancel my paid subscription anytime?

Absolutely. If you feel that you no longer need our services, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime you like.

How do you conduct tutoring sessions?

For everyone's safety (your child's and our tutors'), all sessions will be done online via Zoom or Google Meets. Don't worry, we use teaching tools that give students a "hands-on" feel while practicing their lessons in a virtual learning environment. Sign up for our free trial session to see what this looks like.

Am I required to upgrade to the $67 plan after the one-week trial?

Absolutely not! Upgrading to our Unlimited Math Support plan is completely optional. We'll even refund your $13 deposit if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child during the one-week trial.

What if your recommended tutor wasn't a good fit for my child?

We would be happy to match your child with another tutor (if you're still willing) and carry on with the next steps outlined on this page under "How Does This Work?".

Do I need to sit with my child during each session?

No. The great thing about working with us is that parents are off the hook! Go do what you must and let our dedicated tutors take care of your child's math for you.

How will parents be involved throughout the whole process?

We keep parents updated and involve them as much as they wish. At the end of each session, you’ll get a chance to talk to our tutor and get a sense of progress or weigh in on anything you’d like us to concentrate on. Once you're signed up for our unlimited math support program, we will give you access to our software, Teach Works, to make the whole process easy as 1-2-3.

How will my child benefit from building a growth mindset?

Having a growth mindset makes a HUGE difference when it comes to learning because it empowers your child to keep going even when things (or just the task at hand) get tough. It's a powerful attitude that helps them break self-limiting beliefs and enables them to use their abilities to the fullest - not only in school but for the rest of their lives.

What are your modes of payment?

We accept payments via Paypal, but you can use your credit card if you don’t have an account.

Why are your services so affordable?

Our tutors are high school students (high achievers) who get 'paid' in community service hours. The small monthly fee we charge helps us cover our overhead costs so we can sustain our nonprofit organization and help more parents like you.

What are the advantages of having a teen tutor to help my child?

1. Teen tutors are (generally) more relatable to younger students, and when students feel comfortable, that's when they learn best. 2. Due to the smaller age gap between tutor and student, teen tutors are able to deliver their lessons in a way that is much easier for younger students to understand.

*Try our tutoring services for a week for ONLY $13 (completely refundable if you feel that we're not a good fit for your child).